Telemarketing is highly valuable for long term relationships

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Telemarketing is highly valuable for long term relationships, commercial accounts, reseller opportunities, trade relationships and strategic partners.

Why Telemarketing Vs Marketing

Telemarketing is the oldest, most popular, organic and cost effective form of marketing and communication. A well-placed and knowledged-based five minute telephone call provides a personal touch, and memorable impression.  

Telemarketing provides established credibility and creates the potential to be more effective than that of many social media, advertising, paid ads and digital media campaigns.  

Specific types of target industries can only be reached through highly specialized telemarketing campaigns; such as: acquiring long term relationships, commercial accounts, reseller opportunities, trade relationships and strategic partners.

Telemarketing Jobs

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Lead Gen

Data Mining Software
  • US Existing Business
  • US New Business
  • US Organizations

  • USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, India
  • Instituations
  • Industry
  • Country
  • City
  • Region

Technical Resources

Quick Sale System Set Up
  • Call Recording System Set Up
  • Client Return Management Systems
  • VOIP & virtual phone numbers
  • Live spreadsheets with lead tracking

Sales Planning Features
  • Sales Campaigns & Development
  • Sales Forecasting & Projections
  • Sales Work Space Development
  • Lead Generation & Data Mining

Benefits & Features

Build business & trade relationships
  • Partner with industry professionals
  • Brand yourself with businesses
  • Get face time with potential client
  • Get out of the office and sell more
  • Live real time & daily reporting
  • Live real time appointment setting
  • Follow up and return phone calls
  • Appointments set with decision makers
  • Emailing of proposals and/or marketing materials in your behalf


Lead Gen

Commercial Lead List
  • 1,000 Contacts, $80
  • 2,000 Contacts, $150
  • 3,000 Contacts, $220
  • 4,000 Contacts, $290
  • 5,000 Contacts, $360

Lead Gen is free with any telemarketing plans

B2B Telemarketing Plans

Quick Sale System Set Up: Set Up Fees will Apply
  • Copper
  • 500 Calls,List included (55c per call) $225
  • Bronze
  • 1,000 Calls,List included (55c per call) $550
  • Silver
  • 2,000 Calls,List included (48c per call) $960
  • Gold
  • 3,000 Calls,List included (47c per call) $1,410
  • Platinum
  • 4,000 Calls,List included (45c per call) $1,000
  • Diamond
  • 5,000 Calls,List included (44c per call) $2,200


Independent Sales Professionals

Small Size Businesses

Medium Size Businesses