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Income potentials of $750 – $2000 revenue per week per spa professional

Great resources for Spa practices and independent contractors seeking to build 30 + new clients monthly

Mobile Massage – Spa
Careers & Resources

Our Pro Marketing team services through USA Mobile Massage

Our team is comprised of successfully retired health and wellness professionals, With sharp, keen, acute knowledge and experience, translating to establishing your strong and profitable client base.

USA Mobile Massage & Spa is the most complete business management
And marketing resource for health and wellness professionals. Offering a complete 360 of spa business and marketing tools necessary for gaining and sustaining a strong residual income base. While growing a strong consistent revenue stream.

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Pro Marketing World
Service Index

  • Website Design (See Example)
  • Ad Posting (See Example)
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Google Ranking
  • Local Business Listings
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic & Print Design
  • Email Marketing

Spa Contactor Resources

With real Income goals of
Spa & Contractor Management Services
  • Auto Ad Posting
  • Mobile Service & Travel Tracking
  • National Travel Management
  • Script Writing
  • Service Offering
  • Package Creation
  • Client Tracking (CRM)
  • Income Tracking
  • Virtual Phone Number
  • Client & Phone Screening
  • Credt Card Processing

Job Opportunities

Perfect for
1. Spa professionals looking for higher hourly income
2. Contractors that may have their own treatment room
3. Spa professionals that are looking for better flexibility with higher pay
4. Massage therapist seeking to expand their service offering, for higher hourly rates
5. Those seeking to use their spa experience and income to travel nationally and internationally

Career Applicants

With a higher income potential combined with less hours worked per week.  USA Mobile Massage offers a same day pay, and greater financial stability than any local franchise or brick and mortar health and wellness job could ever provide.  We guarantee 30 high paying client each month, with our proven system.

Hire Dates 1st, 7th, 15th 21st Each Month

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Income Statistics



I Need Business & Marketing Structure

Are you seeking to get a competitive edge on your competition?  Seeking to build a list of higher paying clients: while making double the income for the same amount of sessions completed?  Request a free consultation with the experts at USA Mobile Massage.  We’d love to help you accomplish your business goals.

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Recommended Supply List

Your questions, our answers

We screen in various steps. Placing professional ads with clear statements: “Professional massage only” “Massage table manditory” “No prolonged Conversation”.

Independent Contractors: pay a percentage of every new client acquired. And are required to work set shifts.
Contract professionals: choose not to work for us directly. Rather hiring us to generate 30 new clients a month and keeping 100% of the profits and clients for themselves.

Client numbers vary based on various states and client demand. Just like every business there are always slow days. However, 4 to 6 high paying clients a day is highly possible.

Typically 2-3 days after you start. Since it takes time to get all your ads placed.

We need upfront notice if you have an existing client. And we can send new clients directly to your treatment room

You only work when you have a client. Our average team members work a maximum of 12 hours a week. Minus driving time to and from clients.

Since many of the clients pay in cash. You will receive your commission pay the same day.

Our primary focus is professional and legitimate marketing and appointment setting.